Africa Process Industries is a company focused on providing innovative and advanced solutions in the field of industrial production.

We deploy production management and automation solutions, productions (latest generation of advanced SCADA), Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and applications INDUSTRY 4.0 of metrology, validation and certification of measuring instruments, implementation of production management software solution assisted by computer and finally distribution of automation and electrical engineering components and systems.

So we bring you our expertise and competence in automation and production management while ensuring the maintenance and calibration of your fleet of measuring equipment and your production equipment. Carried out from client sites or our workshops, our interventions are part of a continuous desire for improvement, responsiveness and flexibility inherent in the imperatives of efficiency and competitiveness of our partners and clients.

Our Services

Control and Management of Industrial Processes

For your factory, enter the new industrial revolution of industry 4.0, automation and mom (manufacturing operation management), scada of last generation and omi (operation management interface), the internet of things and finally of artificial intelligence.

- Sales and Distribution

Get the best price and short delivery time for your electrical, instrumentation and automation equipment. Get 24/7 support for installation, setup and failures.

- Metrology and Certifications

Make sure of the quality of your products and the reliability of your process measurements according to international standards. Calibrate your fleet of measurement instruments with standards.

- Measurements, Data Collecting..

Control your manufacturing process and quality with reliable measurements and advanced statistical analyzes. Automate the acquisition of data from your factory and share it with managers and supervisors.