Due to their activities, many businesses and industries face particular fire risks and therefore require adequate fire protection.

The integration of the constructive, production and operating constraints of each site represents a real challenge.
Africa Process Industries offers global solutions adapted to each sector of activity. In addition to the obvious objective of protecting human lives, the main firefighting systems have as main objective the improvement of the level of protection and security of the production tools and services of many companies.

Designed, installed and maintained in accordance with the standards (standards, orders, rules), the effectiveness of these systems depends on the adaptation and adequacy of the means to the technical and operating particularities of the sites to be protected.

The installation, maintenance and annual inspection of alarms and smoke detectors are governed by ULC 526 and ULC 530 standards.

In addition, the security system must be connected to the central, at all times, by a dedicated high security link. This saves lives, minimizes material loss and reduces false alarms.

Our fire protection system allows you to:
- detect smoke,
- perceive the abnormal heat,
- activate an alarm manually (manual station),
- supervise the automatic sprinklers,
- detect smoke in the ventilation ducts,
- check the air suppression system.

Africa Process Industries also provides a wide range of fire-fighting booster sets according to standard EN 12845 including models with 1 or two service pumps operating with electric or diesel engines. The range can be supplied with a jockey pump to maintain the pressure in the network.

Fire detection and alarm systems. We offer annual inspection service with qualified technicians. All in accordance with municipal regulations and ULC-536 standards.