Fill the regulatory requirements and ensure compliance of your measuring devices

The control of critical processes, expensive products dosing or commercial transactions materials require the use of precise flow meters and stable over time. Failure to calibrate them can have a negative impact on the performance of your processes.
Listening to your needs, we bring you complete solutions to your regulatory constraints and production.

 Que ce soit sur site ou dans nos laboratoires, nos prestations d’étalonnage et de vérification sont réalisées selon les normes et références de métrologie ( NF EN ISO/CEI 17025, NF EN ISO 10012).

Définir la périodicité d’étalonnage des débit-mètres nécessite souvent l’aide du fabricant et celle d’un prestataire en métrologie qualifié pour l’étalonnage de l’instrumentation industrielle. Africa Process Industries réunit l’ensemble des compétences.

Our metrology experts can advise you on optimizing the calibration frequency to guarantee optimal performance of your equipment at minimum cost.


  • provide you with a complete calibration management solution, starting with scheduling calibration completion dates, coordinating certified calibration staff and equipment

  • Nous garantissons des incertitudes fiables

  • Reduction of your downtime in case of adjustment or repair

  • Express flow measurement services allow you to program your calibrations during a production shutdownCalibration specifications: Africa Process Industries helps you establish your metrological plan by fixing your calibration specifications for each instrument or family of instruments (maximum tolerated errors, periodicity) or by defining the right standards according to their uncertainty

  • OUR STANDARDIZED AND STANDARDIZED PROCEDURES (SOP) for calibration: The calibration and verification services are carried out according to standardized operating procedures thus guaranteeing the repeatability of our measurements

  • OUR QUALIFIED PERSONNEL: On-site calibration is carried out by specialized and highly qualified personnel. Your maintenance staff are thus relieved of tedious routine tasks and can devote themselves to improving the availability of your installation. For you, this means reliable advice, optimal device performance and improved profitability

  • Our Calibration Documentation: At the end of the services, we issue calibration certificates or verification reports in accordance with ISO 17025. They detail all the data required in an easily understandable form. But above all, they meet the requirements of all the competent authorities.

Our main metrology technicians have for primary activity the periodic verification (every year) of each measurement system. They are able to manage the maintenance of all loading stations, whether hydraulic, mechanical or even electrical.

     AFRICA PROCESS INDUSTRIES Metrology works on oil depot sites , in refineries or in the distribution and sales of products in liquid form.